Here’s Serena Williams 2014 Schedule

Posted on 10 October 2013

Serena Williams 2014 Schedule

Serena Williams 2014 Schedule

Serena Williams 2014 schedule. You may not take her seriously, because at times her focus appears wayward. She dabbles in fashion; then she tries her luck in business; sometimes she gives preference to personal matters over tennis.

Despite many occasions of such wandering focus, she has won 17 grand slams. She is third in the all-time grand slam winner’s list – just one title behind Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert.

Would you believe it? Navratilova was an epitome of focus and dedication to tennis. Now, a player who also plays tennis is set to overtake her in the coming season. Here’s Serena Williams 2014 schedule.

Serena Williams 2014 Schedule

She is playing in all grand slams and in a number of ATP tournaments. She starts her season with Brisbane International, which will warm her up nicely to her Australian Open quest. The tournament starts on December 30, 2013. Australian Open will start in the second week of January, 2014.

She is scheduled to play Federation Cup and a series of ATP events before French Open, which will begin on May 26. After that she plays two grass court tournaments, Gerry Weber Open in Halle and UNICEF Open in Eastbourne. Wimbledon starts in June 23.

After Wimbledon, she is set to play many hard court tournaments and some clay court events before the US Open, which will start on August 25.


She failed to win the Wimbledon and the Australian Open last year. She will be motivated to win these titles again. She will have some catching-up to do if she has to overtake Steffi Graf, who holds the overall grand slam record with 22 titles.

However, if Serena continues in the same form, the German’s record will be under serious threat within a couple of years.

She is realistic about her chances. She herself has said she is beatable. Nothing can be taken for granted in sports. You only have to look at the career of Roger Federer to realize it. Don’t you agree?


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